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Jackie Thomson

Spiritual Teacher, Psychic and Medium

Having run a completely different and quite stressful corporate business for many years, a huge life change really got me thinking about my life. My children were grown up and had left home so I felt it was time to change my career too and follow my passion.

Jackie Shelton Reiki Healing London

I'd always been interested in spirituality and the mind body connection. My Reiki Master had told me I was a healer long before I started studying Reiki. I eventually became a practitioner, which I still enjoy very much. I was inspired to share what I had learned to help others so I studied the Master-Teacher degree. I have since studied Angelic Reiki And Holy Fire III Karuna® Reiki and now offer treatment sessions and courses in all of these modalities.

I also became very interested in motivational life coaching. I am a licensed Heal Your Life® teacher, workshop leader and coach. The techniques used in the workshops and one-to-one coaching are based on the philosophies of Louise Hay, and I was very fortunate to be able to study with the only teacher-trainer trained by Louise Hay herself. 

My life experience and training has helped me grow and I know I will never stop growing and evolving. I regularly attend workshops and training to enhance my knowledge and skills. When I'm not studying I love anything to do with theatre, music and dance. I grew up in a theatrical world. I played clarinet, was on stage from a very young age, have directed musicals, but now I just love to watch. 

What's next? Watch this space!

Mark Thomson

Mark Thomson

Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach

I see myself as a spiritual midwife, helping people to connect with spirit and create a new, more authentic version of themselves. I love helping people grow and develop, it is such a privilege to share someone else’s ‘aha’ moments. I’ve been through this process myself many times. I've been interested in spirituality and alternative health since I started thinking for myself at 16, because life hasn’t always been easy.

I grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand. When I left school, I had a nervous breakdown and struggled with depression during my late teens and early 20s.  To alleviate the pain, I learnt meditation and massage and bought my first Tarot pack.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I’ve had dozens of jobs and addresses. I’ve trained as a laboratory technician, an actor and a journalist, but could never finish a degree. I’ve trained gang members and interviewed the Deputy Prime Minister in New Zealand. I’ve been married three times and at various times I’ve embraced Buddhism, Shamanism, paganism, Christianity and the 12-step program.


Yet for 25 years I worked for the British Civil Service and have lived in the same house for 24 years.  I arrived in London in 1990, fell in love with the UK and out of love with my first wife, became a father and married again.  My most recent wakeup call was when my wife and my mother both died in 2012. Although the deaths were devastating, I knew  once I’d worked through the grief I wanted to do something different and really enjoy my remaining time on earth. 


On impulse I enrolled in what became Doreen Virtue’s last Angel Intuitive course in the UK. I met some amazing people, including Jackie who I married in 2016. Jackie and I also work together and we both love running workshops and teaching so others can find and walk their path.


Some of the qualifications I have include Master/Teacher for Usui and Angelic Reiki, reflexology, Heal Your Life® coach and workshop facilitator, Angel Intuitive, Angel card reader. But certificates don’t measure someone’s life experience, compassion, wisdom and openness.