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We teach the original version of Angelic Reiki as channelled and taught by Kevin Core rather than the later variant taught by Christine Core.  There are only two courses in this system, Level 1&2 Practitioner and Level 3&4 Master Teacher.  These courses are acknowledged and fully insurable.


Angelic Reiki is taught as multi-day workshops which connect the student with the most powerful Angelic energy being anchored on earth at this time. 


This system is always taught at in-person group workshops and is not taught one to one. There are no distance attunements in Angelic Reiki.


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Level 1&2 is suitable for complete beginners as well as those experienced in other healing systems - no experience is needed in any other holistic or complementary therapy by those wishing to learn Angelic Reiki.

After attending this Practitioner level workshop, students will be able to use angelic healing energy for self healing sessions and to give healing sessions to others.   

The frequent use of Angelic Reiki for yourself, ideally on a daily basis, promotes powerful personal transformation and healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels, raising your consciousness towards Ascension.

LEVEL 3 & 4

This workshop is available to those holding an Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 certificate and who are ready to progress to the next stage, either for personal development or to teach Angelic Reiki.

This workshop is taught over three full days and is a powerful experience which lays the ground for the incoming Galactic Energy of Ascension.

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